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Best Woman-led Investment in Innovation

This Award recognises the role taken by a woman investor in backing a highly innovative growth-focused business and who has brought not only risk capital, but significant added value to support the further growth and scale of the business. Both the Female investor(s) and entrepreneur are recognised and Awarded.


Big Couch

Amanda Dyjecinski’s investment in Big Couch

Amanda Dyjecinski, brought important advice alongside her investment through Start Up Funding Club, bringing her extensive marketing experience to Irina and Maria at Big Couch to support the founders with digital transformation, branding and customer centric approaches to support the growth and scale of Big Couch’s FilmChain blockchain platform collecting and distributing content revenues and disrupting the collection, allocation and analysis of revenues for film, TV and digital content producers, bringing transparency and efficiency in this 250bn dollar industry.

Taina Technologies

Joo Hee Lee and Vin Murria’s investment in Taina Technology

Joo Hee lee and Vin Murria OBE played a critical role in providing support to Maria Scott founder of Taina with advice on hiring, growing and strategic direction and linking to further investment, enabling Maria to focus on growing her innovating RegTech business, providing a platform and cloud solutions for fully automated compliance, delivering proven savings to businesses. Of the £3.9m raised to date the largest proportion has been raised from women business angels



Arlene Adams’ investment in Storyshare


Bryony Moore’s investment in Elifinty


Elizabeth Gooch MBE’s investment in Nivo


Fiona Dent’s investment in Trackonomics


Liz McKenzie’s investment in Tended

City Falco

Stephanie Allen’s investment in City Falcon