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Best Investment in Disruptive Tech

This Award recognises investment in an early stage innovative high growth potential business that is harnessing the power of technology to bring a revolutionary and disruptive solution to a major market, industry or social challenge.


Early Stage Winner


24 Haymarket investment in Feebris

Feebris was chosen as an early Stage business disrupting the approach to diagnosing complex respiratory conditions using AI- diagnostic and cloud infrastructure. Accessible on wide range of devices bringing both efficiencies and cost saving to existing technologies, and bringing extensive impact, saving many lives especially in cases of children and elderly people, also in developing countries. Feebris has received both Angel investment from 24 Haymarket and Innovate UK Grants to support these developments

Growth Stage Winner


West Hill Capital Angel Network investment in SafeToNet

SafeToNet was chosen as a growth stage winner because of its important innovative tech solution to disrupt the market in relation to children and young people accessing harmful online content. SafeToNet’s intelligent and embedded key board uses deep machine learning and Natural Language Processing to contextualise messages, detects and filters content in real time, working in both European languages and Arabic and Hindi in development. Focused on partnership with global mobile network operators and handset operators. SafeToNet has accessed over £15m, through West Hill Capital and over 200 Angel Investors



A syndicate of angels investment in Neurovalens Ltd

LettUs Grow

ClearlySo & individual angels investment in LettUsGrow


Firestartr, Fair By Design Fund and individual angels investment in Wagestream


Minerva and individual angels investment in Tended


Minerva, individual angels, Midven and NewWave investment in Aeristech


Northstar Ventures, Esperante Ventures and individual angels investment in AMLo Biosciences