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Best Investment in Deep Tech

This Award recognises investment in an early stage entrepreneur that has embraced the power of deep technologies such as AI, machine learning, IOT or robotics to converge with key sectors and industries to achieve fundamental breakthroughs to key social or global challenges or needs.



Individual angels, IQ Capital, AI Seed and Force Over Mass investment in causaLens

Causa Lens was chosen because they are taking an ambitious and ground-breaking approach to using autonomous predictive technology for complex and dynamic systems, having attracted the attention of a wide range of industries customers including hedge funds, banks, tech companies and corporates. With widescale applications enabling predictive approaches across multiple data sets including, logistics, energy and utilities, medical devices and working on any device. The team have attracted significant levels of investment including from leading angel investors from industry, IQ Capital, AI Seed and Force over Mass to further scale the business.



A syndicate of angels, Bristol Private Equity Club and Bloc Ventures investment in YellowDog


Individual angels, Octopus and Martlet investment in Dogtooth


Individual angels, Open Door, IA Ventures and Local Globe investment in Gospel


Individual angels, Quantonation and Kx investment in Kets