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Winning a UKBAA Angel Investment Award can have a huge impact on your and your business. Ahead of this year’s awards, we spoke to a number of previous winners so they could share their success stories.

Patient Capital Investment of the Year – 2018 winner Avin Rabheru from Housekeep

“It’s a way of having external validation of what we’re doing, letting the team know that they’re on the right track and crucially with hiring this helps us attract the right people when we want them.”

One to Watch – 2016 winner Rasha Khawaja from Toucan

“We had a very great impact from this award. People were asking us questions about it and the UKBAA have been a fantastic support.”

Best New Entrant to the Ecosystem – 2018 winner Anthony Rose from SeedLegals

“Awards are super important for early stage start-ups. They provide validation, they provide PR and we love the fact that we won.”

Lead Syndicate of the Year – 2016 winner Stephen Page from Startup Funding Club

“We were little known at the time I would say so it was used for very good PR purposes. It really made people sit up and understand we were a very active seed investor.”

Angel Investor of the Year – 2018 winner Chris Adelsbach of Techstars

“Winning the award was really good for me… it’s added to my deal flow and it’s really given me a voice to speak out on things that mean a lot to me.”

Best Investment in AI – 2018 winner Neil Daly from Skin Analytics

“The impact from the awards was quite remarkable in the sense that we got a lot of exposure and we got approached by a lot of potential partners, a lot of potential investors, and we had a real growth of the company as a result.”

Best Female-Led Investment – 2018 winner Manjula Lee from World Wide Generation

“It was exciting to win this award. I personally as a female founder really want to champion women in business and empower them.”

UKBAA Angel Investment Awards sponsor & previous winner – Tim Mills from Angel CoFund

“People can be sceptical about awards but it’s absolutely true that the UKBAA Awards are watched by the industry. There’s nothing like getting recognition of investors for high growth companies. It really helps unlock the door to later-stage investors.”